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Test the water and get the chemical balance right.
• If you get the water right from the start it makes further treatment much easier, and in the end allows you to use fewer chemicals in your maintenance program.


Add Pool-Treat Maxi-Tabs to the water based on size of pool.
• Maxi tabs are a stabilised form of chlorine, this helps prevent chlorine from being affected by ultra-violet rays of the sun so it stays in the water longer. They can be dispensed in the skimmer or with an automatic chlorinator.


Shock-Dose the pool weekly with Pool-Treat Granular or Liquid Chlorine.
• This shock-dose helps maintain control over foreign contaminants in the water, which may come from debris such as leaves or even make-up and hair products.


Add 500gms of Conditioner for every 1kg of Maxi-Tabs used.
• The conditioner helps stabilise the pH in the water, 500grams per 1 kilogram of tablets is the approximate amount required to maintain an ideal pH and alkalinity level.

Note: Consult the pack or your dealer for recommendations on quantities required for your pool and for any other advice required.

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