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During the winter months with lots of rain and wind, dust and dirt and a lot of nutrients have built up in your pool. In spring, algae will quickly grow making advantage of your winter store of nutrients and increased light levels.

The answer is to super shock dose the pool with chlorine. With this super shock dose of chlorine it will break down and destroy the accumulated nutrients in the pool and thus free it from the threat of an algae bloom.

Even if you are a bit late and algae has started or even taken over your pool a large shock dose of chlorine is your quickest and easiest remedy.

If the pool bottom is not visible, the addition of a flocculent like Pool Treat Pool Floc in conjunction with a super shock dose of chlorine is your best answer.

Make sure to check the pH before the shock dose is added. The chlorine will be a lot more effective if the pH is in the 7 to 7.5 range. When algae metabolises in the pool they tend to increase the pH and can increase the pH range to 8.5 to 9.0, which inhibits the effectiveness of chlorine - cunning little critters.

Recommended Super Shock doses "The Spring Start Up"

Clear to slightly cloudy pool - Has not been treated for a while and needs a wake-up call for summer.
- Super shock dose at 6 times the daily recommended dose for your pool size.

Green pool - However can still see the bottom.
- Super shock dose "PLUS" at 8 times the daily recommended dose for your pool size.

Green pool - Thick with algae and cannot see the bottom even at the shallow end.
- Super shock dose "EXTRA" at 10 to 12 times the daily recommended dose for your pool size.


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